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Welcome to Grade A Plus Pest Specialists

Here at Grade A Plus Pest Specialists we believe in giving our customers what they want. This is why we offer a variety of pest control services and solutions for all of your pest needs.

ant control greenwood

Ant Control

Your ant issue could be one of several possible issues but they’re no match for our ant control experts. We have experience dealing with these annoying pests and our treatments are effective as well as affordable. Give us a call at (317) 497-3750 today and don’t delay any longer.

bed bug control greenwood

Bed Bug Control

If you think you might have a bed bug problem in your home give our bed bug experts a call today. We will discuss the process we use and advise you of any necessary steps needed on your part before the treatment. Have questions? Give us a call at (317) 497-3750 and ask away.

bee control greenwood

Bee & Wasp Removal

We understand most people try to take care of pest issues on their own but some instances need to be handled by a professional. Stinging insects are one of these instances. Call our bee removal Greenwood experts today at (317) 497-3750 to learn more about our services and the process of removing bees and wasps.

flea control greenwood

Flea Control

Fleas typically come into your home because your pet becomes infested. If gone unnoticed for too long the fleas can spread through your home and become a big problem. It only takes a few minutes for them to become embedded in a pet’s fur and can cause your pet to scratch a lot. If you notice fleas on your pet or anywhere in your home give us a call at (317) 497-3750 right away!

rodent control greenwood

Rodent Control

One of our Greenwood rodent control exterminators will be able to get rid of your mice and rats without inconveniencing your family. Our Greenwood rodent control professional will inspect the layout of your home and select the best course of action. Pick up the phone and call (317) 497-3750 right away!

spider control greenwood

Spider Control

It doesn’t matter if you need to remove poisonous or harmless spiders, our Greenwood spider control professionals are here for you. Our exterminators will get rid of your current spider problem and help to prevent any spiders from invading your property in the future. You can reach us at (317) 497-3750.

Greenwood Pest Control – Grade A Plus Pest Specialists

annual pest control

Annual Greenwood Pest Control Service

We understand that many customers don’t want to deal with the hassles of pests. This is why we offer quarterly pest plans. You aren’t required to sign up for a quarterly treatment plan, it’s just one of our offerings. If you choose to sign up for our pest maintenance plan and you have an issue between treatments simply call us up and we’ll head on over to help you out.

residential pest control

Residential Greenwood Pest Control

Grade A Plus Pest Specialists employs Greenwood pest control specialists that concentrate specifically in residential pest control. We help with treating a variety of Greenwood pests so we encourage you to call us regardless. Our professional exterminators know how to treat the many common Greenwood pests and our treatments are reasonably priced.

Business Pest Control

Business Greenwood Pest Control

Our commercial pest control technicians can treat any pest problem your business or organization may be having in the Greenwood, Indiana area. Our commercial pest technicians can remove the stinging insects or rodents out of your walls and keep the cockroaches and ants from infesting your kitchen. A majority of Greenwood businesses understand the importance of keeping a pest-free reputation. All it requires is one rat discovered during a health inspection to have detrimental effects on a business.

Give our Greenwood Exterminators a Call!

Our Grade A Plus Pest Specialists team would be more than thrilled to answer any questions you might have about any of our superior pest control solutions to keep your Greenwood property pest-free all year long. Just call (317) 497-3750 today!

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