Bed Bug Extermination

At Grade A Plus Pest Specialists, we take the responsibility of protecting the residents of Greenwood from bed bugs very seriously. Lately we’ve had an increase in the number of calls we receive for bed bug control. While we aren’t completely certain as to why the number of beg bugs in Greenwood are increasing, although the cases we’ve come across have been due to people traveling and purchasing used furniture. They bring the bed bugs home without even knowing until they start waking up covered in bites.

While you might despise even the thought of having bed bugs in your home, it can and does happen. Unfortunately they aren’t like most pests in terms of how to get rid of them. It can be a tedious process but our bed bug experts have you covered.

 Most people will realize they have bed bugs when they wake up covered in small bites or they happen to notice what appears to be blood spots on their bedding. Bed bugs get their name because they’re commonly discovered in beds. They will pierce your skin while you sleep so they can feed on your blood. They don’t typically feed for too long at one time, maybe five minutes, then they retreat back to their hiding spot. The hiding spots of bed bugs is usually in the seams of your mattress, bed frame, headboard, box springs, or furniture near the bed.

They are very small and can hide in cracks and crevices anywhere around your bed. Even if you have never had a case of bed bugs it’s recommended to routinely check your bed and the area around it just to be safe. Especially if you have visitors that stay in your bed or you just got back from traveling. Bed bugs are often found in places where people frequent regularly such as hotel rooms and airplanes. Fleas can hop onto you and your clothes while you are out and hitch hike into your property when you get back home.

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