Rodent Extermination

If rodents take up residence in your home or property you will probably notice how frustrating they can be. Mice and rats cause damage to your home but even worse is the possible bacteria they’re carrying, transmitting diseases to exposed individuals. If the rodents find your appliance cables they will chew through them, causing a lot of damage. The sooner you notice them and take action the better.

In addition, mice and rats can cause embarrassment for you and your family if your friends and family learn of the issue. Don’t worry. Just because you’ve noticed a rat or mouse problem in your home doesn’t mean you need to question your hygiene habits. They can invade the cleanest of homes which is why most Greenwood residents rely on professional rodent control services to remove them quickly and efficiently.

Rodent Control in Greenwood, Indiana

Mice and rats are generally good at staying where humans usually don’t go. Sometimes people will even attempt to capture the rodents on their own. However, that can turn into a waste money, as well as lead to frustration. They’re sneaky pests that can access areas you can’t, intentionally. They typically hide under kitchen appliances or even in your cabinets. You may even find a nest filled with shredded papers and other items they’ve destroyed to use for their home. Don’t let this happen to you!

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One of our Greenwood rodent control exterminators is going to be able to get rid of your mice and rats without inconveniencing your family. Our Greenwood rodent control professional will inspect the layout of your home and select the best course of action. Pick up the phone and call (317) 497-3750 right away!

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